Cielo's Limestone Rumor Mill
                                                                                                         CH Snow Hill's Fireash
                                                                       CH Summerhill Braveheart
                                                                                                          Summerhill's White Diamonds
                                        CH Snow Hill Limestone Icon
                                                                                                          Arg/Bra Int S Am CH Cravan Zagreb the Challenger
                                                                       CH Bar None's Grace Under Fire
                                                                                                          CH Bottom's Up Gala BarNone
Cielo Limestone Rumor Mill "Rumor"
                                                                                                           CH Classic All That Jazz
                                                                       Ch Proctor Classic That's Shobiz CGC
                                                                                                            Proctor Onyx Jewel of the Mt
                                         INT CH Kastle's White Diamond
                                                                                                            CH Esquires MVP
                                                                       Esquires Poetic Justice
                                                                                                             CH Esquires Sleight of Hand
Rumor was BOW/BOS under Judge Arley Hussen at Yosemite
KC for her first point!